Welcome to Trevor Creative

One man's quest to make things look good.
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Front End Development

Using UI/UX principles, grid systems, design trends, and keeping a user first mentality, I strive to build sites that just feel right. I am the one-stop shop for everything visual within a web project.


Visual Design

I started in the world of fine arts and print design. Creating everything from logos, corporate branding, print designs, UI layouts, and video editing. I can even draw a decent picture.



Photography has long been my passion and finer art. I consider it the cherry on top of being a visual developer. Whether it's standalone or part of another project, I just love photography.

Trevor, the web guy.

I've been working in the world of front end web development since 2010. The info to the right shows roughly where my skills are at. It's not an exact science mind you, but I'm not a scientist. Maybe a mad scientist.

I'm currently using material design as my web design methodology, and as you can see it was used for this site. This design is built around simplicity and functionality, keeping the user experience as the main priority.

The main tools I use are Sublime Text with way too many developer tools windows open. I like using SCSS, CSS Frameworks, XAMPP for local development, Github for version control, planning within an Agile atmosphere, and generally striving for excellence.

Web Development Skills

CSS Frameworks

Trevor, the designer dude.

What makes a good design is really in the eye of the beholder. That being said, there's always a good set of principles that can help steer a design to a generally pleasing place. Equipped with knowledge of color theory, respect for typography, expertise with the Adobe Creative Suite, and gallons of coffee, I can put together designs for just about anything. This includes adhering to print specs, ideal resolutions for web vs. print, and all the finer details in between.

Postcards, Business Cards, Beer Coasters

Visual Designs of All Kinds

Identity, Logos, Branding

UI, UX, Designing with Purpose

Trevor, he takes nice photos.

I started developing an interest in photography during my college years and decided to take a film photography class. After learning to make prints in the dark room, I was hooked. Photography has been my main passion and art ever since. There's something fascinating about capturing reflected light in a personal way that keeps me loving the craft. I'm currently shooting on a Nikon D610, with a go-to 50mm lens. Lightroom is my zen place, Photoshop is my sidekick, and I've become a big fan of the Nik collection and VSCO film emulation.

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